The Grit & The Glam: Dual Art Exhibit by Lexi Bella and Danielle Mastrion

[Press Release] The Grit & The Glam is an exploration into the duality of beauty, a showcase of Bella and Mastrion’s individual styles that contrast and complement one another. As street artists, Lexi and Danielle have been transforming rusted gates and old brick walls into works of art for over a decade. With The Grit & The Glam, the artists translate these experiences onto the canvas. Conceptually, the show focuses on juxtapositions of beauty; between urban and natural, decay and revival, abstraction and realism, grit and glamour. Building off one another’s strengths, Lexi and Danielle navigate layers of meaning within their art.

The Stack: World Order - Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger is one of the most influential statesmen in American history. The former Secretary of State is known for expanding a policy of detente with the Soviet Union, opening China to trade, the bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam war, his tangled relationship with President Nixon, public calls for him to be tried for war crimes, and adopting a strong element of realpolitik into foreign policy. His is a divided legacy.

The Stack: Masters of Mankind - Noam Chomsky

In his decades-long career, Noam Chomsky has transcended academia into pop culture; in effect he has become the epitome of the modern American intellectual. Through his scholarly work in the fields of linguistics and philosophy, and his willingness to challenge the political status quo, Chomsky has made a name for himself as one of the most articulate critics of contemporary society. Masters of Mankind reads like a greatest hits of Chomsky’s essays and lectures, with the seven collected in Masters of Mankind ranging from 1969 to 2013, covering a diversity of topics, all of which are explored with intelligent insight.

The Peanut Gallery: REACT [Art Review]

American politics elicit a range of emotions; outrage, indignation, humor, apathy, disappointment. The pervasive nature of our interconnected culture makes it all but impossible to avoid; one cannot escape but feel something. Those feelings in turn are what inspire “REACT,” an exhibition curated by The Peanut Gallery. The show displays a collection of artists, capturing sentiments of social commentary in a variety of mediums.

David & Schweitzer Contemporary Gallery: A Selection of Master Works - Arnold Mesches [Art Review]

Among the various celebrities publicly grieved in 2016, one name passed without much social media fanfare; Arnold Mesches died on November 5, at the age of 93. Now, however, several of his works have been given new life, detailing the variety of style which marked an illustrious career. A Selection of Master Works, curated by the David & Schweitzer Contemporary Gallery, exhibits the vivid socio-political conscious that defined Mesches’ art.

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