No Limit Funk: FunQest

R&B, hip-hop, soul, and funk — his style lets music be the muse. Before getting into street art, he pursued life as a singer, but gave it up when he came to Harlem. He joked that he could not compete with the local scene. “The quality is so high!” But to FunQest, East Harlem is home, and it is where he wants to create. As a street artist, he has worked with organizations like the 100 Gates Project and East Village Walls, painting low in the Lower East Side and up in the Bronx, but the heart of his work remains in Harlem. FunQest lamented that much of the uptown scene has moved to the Upper East Side, but his ambition is to be part of the movement to rejuvenate a new artistic renaissance. "I want to shine in Harlem."

Snatch the Crown: OG Millie

On the outskirts of the outer borough, I took the long ride to Jamaica, Queens. I was there to interview OG Millie, the ambitious and innovative artist looking to shake up the game. She welcomed me into the lab, a garage converted into an art studio, decked out in mirrors - floor to ceiling. Still healing from a recent operation, Millie wore her iconic eyepatch, etched with the OG logo. We spoke about overcoming obstacles and her creative vision.
Well Pleased We Dream

Ariel of Acebal: An Artist in Town

Under the dark sky of Argentina, the bus bounced along dirt backroads. We’d left Rosario an hour or so ago, and the distance had been filled mostly with visions of rural life. Civilization arrived in Acebal, and as we entered town I gazed lazily through the window. Pictures of quaint homes flashed by in quick session, when a four-eyed cat caught my eye. I blinked, unsure of what I’d seen. The bus carried on. Sabrina and I got off at her home, and I went to bed wondering about the mural.
Sold Mag

Detour and the Denver Scene

Last week, the Crush Walls festival kicked off its seventh year. Set in Denver’s RiNo Art District, the week-long event brought together local, national and international artists together. Creative Rituals Under Social Harmony, Crush, originated with local graffiti artist Robin Munro [aka Dread] in 2010, and has since grown substantially, alongside Denver itself. As the Sold Mag Crew made its way around the festival, it was my mission to meet with Thomas Evans, better known as Detour.
Sold Mag

King of New York [pt. 1]

Rocko was caught in the crossfire. Legal threats were coming from the landlord’s lawyers and a public outcry was erupting across social media. The mayor’s office had gotten involved, and offers were coming from the Brooklyn Nets. An artist by trade and a lover at heart, Rocko never expected to find himself at the center of a public feud. The situation had escalated in a matter of days, spiraling out of control. Rocko was stressed, on the frontline of the divide, pleading for peace from deaf ears. All the same, the founder of SpreadArtNYC wasn’t entirely surprised. People were willing to fight to defend the King of New York.
Sold Mag

King of New York [pt.2]

Gentrification continues to wash over Brooklyn, displacing communities, and fragmenting neighborhoods. The commercialization of culture is a booming industry and the vultures of capitalism are always eager to exploit rising artistic movements. It can be demoralizing to artists, caught in the riptide of the city, trying to keep your head above water. This story says only what it may say, about hip-hop, street art, and the Notorious B.I.G. But the King of New York is something bigger.
ARTpublika Magazine | Art Culture for The People

The Scandalous History of Sex Books

Sex has long been a societal taboo, despite — or perhaps in spite of — sex being a fundamental facet of our nature. Our cultural attitudes have ebbed and flowed with shifting social norms, but sex remains a controversial subject that’s certain to arouse a reaction of some sort. Today, we live in an era of greater sexual tolerance, not simply in terms of acceptance on the spectrum of sexuality, but in our daily exposure. But, in our not-so distant past, discussion of sex was impolite — if not outright forbidden — and for the genuinely curious learning about the scandalous act was a difficult affair.