Alexandre Tartarin: Skulls, Skills, and the Vanity of Society

Born in 1992, Alexandre Tartarin, is a contemporary French artist who explores the barriers between vanity and modernity. Surrounding himself with concrete, plaster and resin, the artisan artist combines traditional tools with digital, to make up timeless paintings. He adopted a cross-disciplinary approach to creation, experimenting without any constraints, and follow his desires of the moment. T.K. Mills: When did you first start creating art? Was there a pivotal moment in your life when you

The Business of Art: Graffiti Life

Our late-stage capitalist world is oversaturated with companies vying for consumer attention, gambling everything to stand out. The advertisements that do manage this reach beyond a clever tag line. London-based agency, Graffiti Life, paints adverts that speak with character and soul. What began with a couple friends painting bedrooms has grown into a reputable art firm with an exclusive clientele populated by the likes of Google, Microsoft, Adidas, Nike, and Disney. Established in 2010, the Gr

Nadia Asencio: Joan of Art

Nadia Asencio is a Cuban-American artist, playwright, and US Army veteran based in Harlem, NYC. Born and raised in Hartford, CT, her unique expression in the visual and performing arts combines elements of her Euro-Caribbean roots with street art, expressionism, pop art, and the abstract to evoke both introspection and social consciousness as it applies to female gender roles and the feminine psyche. She is represented by Saphira & Ventura Gallery, NYC.

I See You: Padhia on Learning to Unfuk Yourself, Using Art as an Outlet, and Being Who you were Before the Stuff that Dimmed Your Shine [California Summer Series]

In part two of the California Summer series, TK Mills talks with Padhia, the creator of Unfuk Yourself – a philsophy, an art style, and an identity. Unfuk Yourself is not easily described. An ethos that fluctuates between punk-rock rebellion and deep meditative self-reflections, Unfuk Yourself began in 2012 as a blog and grew into a viral trend, a brand, a philosophy, an art style, and an identity – or in the words Padhia, the creator: “It’s about the triumph of the human spirit and what we're actually capable of, if we have the right perspectives and hope.”

The Rogue ·

A storm warning crackled on the radio. I tried to listen, but it cut in and out of white noise. I slammed my hand on the dash. It didn’t help – the speakers were shot. The Rogue, my faithful highway companion, was beat. Not even five-years old, the car had mileage. I let the static be. I didn’t need a warning. I could see the dark clouds on the Kansas horizon. ‘The Wraith,’ ‘Blue Bullet,’ ‘Teardrop,’ – names my high school friends gave it. Nothing stuck quite like ‘The Rogue.’

Chaos & Grace: Thrashbird on the State of Street Art, Billboard Takeovers, and Doing Illegal Shit

A Q&A with Los Angeles’ most infamous street artist, Thrashbird. The discussion covers everything from social media ruining art to the story of his first billboard takeover. "Basically, I want to leave people with one thing. If you’re getting into street art, and your sole purpose, your dominant priority, is to sell art work… then get the fuck out. If you want to be a street artist… you’d better get outside and do some illegal shit."

A Storm in Staten Island’s Artist Alley: Climate Change Ain’t Nothin’ to Mess With

One mural in particular has taken the world by storm. ‘Climate Change Ain’t Nothing to Mess With’ went viral across the internet for its image of a weather advisory, warning of impending hurricane Wu. Designed by Staten artist Cody Prez and curated by Tariq Zaid of RHC, the mural is part of a community initiative to raise awareness around social issues and Staten’s art scene.
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